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    We take safety very seriously at KODAMA. Since our products require overhead lifting, involve dynamic movement, and inspire playfulness - attention to safety and risk mitigation is paramount.
    In both the residential and the hospitality and commercial sectors, there are several best practices that we follow from design to manufacturing to installation to maintenance.
    Please recognize that KODAMA is not a cheap and mass-produced product with a short shelf-life. We play the long game, and that includes attention to safety from initial design to everyday use, year after year.

    The smooth, predictable, and rhythmic pendulum swing of the zome provides a soothing and stress reducing effect for many people, including those with special needs.  Learn more here.

    Yes, our products are build for outdoor and indoor use, and we offer a selection of covers for periods of non-use.  We do recommend normal care and maintenance, as typical with any outdoor item. See our full Care instructions here.

    You can find detailed sizes on out product pages. Locations vary depending on your use, but often include outdoors under a tree, by a pool, or a deck, in a gazebo structure, or indoors hung from a beam, reinforced ceiling, or using the curved tripod stand.

    Buying Process

    KODAMA is based in beautiful Oregon, USA - the land of no sales tax :)

    Our typical lead time is 4-6 weeks after receiving your order until shipping.  Freight shipping can add another 3-6 days.
    Busy periods such as holidays and spring time can often extend the lead time to 8 weeks.


    Zomes, stands, and cushion sets all ship FedEX freight. If you order accessories such as rigging, covers, or pillows with your zome, we can often include everything into one box.
    For larger orders, clients often use their own freight forwarders
    Accessory items such as rigging, covers, and pillows ordered separately from the zome will ship UPS or USPS.

    In the continental US, our larger products ship FedEx Freight as a flat rate per piece.
    International shipping quoted per order.

    Accessory items such as rigging, covers, and pillows ordered separately from the zome will ship UPS or USPS and charged accordingly. If ordered at the same time as the zomes or stand, we can usually group these items within the larger boxes and not charge any separate shipping above the standard flat rate.

    For Trade and Commercial accounts, see out Trade Pricing & Terms

    All of our items ship KD - meaning "knock-down".  Assembly is typically done by the homeowner, handyman, or contractor following our very detailed assembly instructions and videos.

    Yes, depending on your location and if we have a trusted provider established where you live. If you have an existing company that you regularly use, we are happy to work directly with a service of your choosing, and assist them with receiving and assembling our products.

    Yes, we ship to many international countries, including Canada, Mexico, EU, Australia, and the Middle East - contact us for availability and shipping.

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