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    Treat yourself to the relaxation you deserve.

    • All Pendolo Chairs are made-to-order specific to you.
    • We will ship you our stain and fabric sample pack so you can see and feel before you choose.
    • Reserve your chair now, and select your colorways secondly. 
    • Our Discounted Launch Pricing is limited to our launch production run.
    • Shipping begins mid-November. 

    Pendolo defines a new generation of dynamic, therapeutic furniture.

    Delivering immaculate design and cradle-like motion, Pendolo is your new favorite place to relax.

    Based on the therapeutic and blissfully relaxing benefits of pendulum motion, the Pendolo Chair also blends together Smart Technology, advanced sensors, motors, and safety components. And as always - quality materials and craftsmanship, handmade in the USA 🇺🇸

    The Pendolo Chair has been in development for 3 years. Iteration after iteration has honed the aesthetic design and the mechanical system into the groundbreaking current embodiment. The Pendolo technology has multiple US utility patents both issued and pending.

    Under the hood, Pendolo consists of a brushless DC motor and custom motor controller, designed in the USA. The programming provides smooth pendulum rocking as well as a secure locked position for safe entry on and off the chair. It has impact detection, end-of-travel sensors and other safety measures to ensure complete peace of mind.

    • 84" Long 26" Wide 43" Height
    • 120 lbs - ships UPS Ground
    • Model SKU: PLC1
    • Indoor rated only
    • 110 Volts AC power, (standard USA wall outlet)
    • Warranty: 5-year Frame & Fabric, 2-year Electric
    Pendulum motion in particular has unique benefits

    While any motion can benefit the vestibular system, pendulum motion in particular has unique benefits. It links the mental and emotional benefits mentioned above with the physical structure of the vestibular system. This repetitive motion allows for the plasticity of the brain neural networks to develop a positive reinforcement loop - all within the context of predictable comfort.

    In a completely passive manner, the rhythmic pendulum swing strengthens your vestibular system and comforts to the nervous system.


    Contact Us Today! The Pendolo Chair is an entirely new idea. We want to understand you, and see how the Pendolo Chair can fit your needs.