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  • Pendolo


    Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk

    This product has been thoroughly designed, engineered, and tested.  The factors of safety exceed standard practices and the material choices ensure longevity in harsh environments.   Testing and quality control ensure that each zome has been built to our standards.  Nonetheless, if not used as designed and intended, this product may be potentially dangerous, causing injury or death.  Prior to installation and use of this product, you must read this and agree to the terms within.

    • This product is intended for use as furniture. Follow all recommendations in the installation manual/video.  Do not exceed the rated load limit.  Do not hang in a dangerous manor or in a dangerous location.  The bottom level of the zome should never be higher than 30” from the ground, floor, or other solid surface.
    • The overhead anchor point must have adequate strength to support the zome and users. KODAMA is not responsible for the anchor point.  If unsure, consult a contractor to ensure anchor point is able to resist at least 2x the product load rating for adequate factor of safety. This includes the anchor and connection to any existing structure as well as the structure itself. KODAMA assumes no responsibility for owner-provided anchor points and/or rigging.
    • If you are unsure of the strength of your anchor, we recommend hiring a professional arborist, contractor, or engineer to inspect and/or install a suitable anchor point. The minor expense of hiring a trained professional is well worth the safety and peace of mind. Inspect all rigging and hardware at regular intervals, harsh outdoor conditions may require replacement of rigging items. Proper anchorage, rigging, and support is essential for safe use.
    • Do not misuse this product. Do not climb on or hang from the zome structure.  They are intended for everyday use, sitting or lying inside.  Repeated impacts, intentional abuse, and exceeding the weight limit will compromise the strength of the product and may result in injury.  Children should not be left unsupervised until you are comfortable with their understanding of safe behavior and limits.  Excessive spinning is not permitted without the optional swivel, as it may damage the hanging rigging, causing failure. DO NOT OVERSPIN.If spinning is inevitable (as is likely with children) you must install a swivel between the zome and anchor. The zome is not a crib and toddlers should never be left alone.
    • By purchasing this product, you agree to hold KODAMA™ AND Kodama Zomes LLC and its partners free from liability. You have read, understand, and assume the risk of use of this product, and agree to only use the product for its designed purpose.  You have provided sufficient anchorage.


    Above and beyond all the legal stuff, we want everyone to be safe and enjoy Kodama Zomes.  We do not want to see anyone hurt as a result of improper installation or misuse.  Please use common sense and good judgment.  If you have any questions or concerns about this agreement or proper zome usage, please contact us immediately.  We are here to help and to ensure a safe and relaxing experience. 


    Thank you for your cooperation and agreement.

    The KODAMA Team