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    KODAMA offers a variety of products that span both residential and commercial applications. As such, this warranty outlines what is and what is not covered, depending on the product and the use.
    Despite any limits of warranty herein, with proper use and care of your KODAMA products, your Zomes could last lifetimes -we specifically design and build them for strength, longevity, and integrity.

    Residential Applications:
    Commercial Applications:
    5 year limited Warranty
    Zome Frames1
    Curved Tripod Stands1
    KODAMA Sourced Sunbrella® Fabrics3

      3 year limited Warranty

      2 year limited Warranty

      6 month limited Warranty

        5 year limited Warranty
        Zome Frames1
        Curved Tripod Stands1

          3 year limited Warranty

            2 year limited Warranty

              6 month limited Warranty


                1. Covers craftsmanship and materials.
                2. Exception: Mosquito netting carries no warranty.
                3. KODAMA offers no extension beyond the standard Sunbrella® warranty, and all Sunbrella® terms apply. All fabric and cushion material warranties are provided by the manufactures. KODAMA will assist with all claims due to fabric or material defects. Please see manufacturer's specific warranties.
                4. The powder coat finish is warranted against peeling, cracking or blistering for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase. Failure of the powder coat finish due to abrasion, including abrasion caused by scraping against other surfaces, is not covered by this warranty. Exposure to salt water or salt air may cause powder coat finishes that have been damaged by abrasion to blister due to oxidization of the metal; such blistering and oxidization are not covered by this warranty. All products located within 1 mile of salt water areas are restricted to a 1-year warranty on the powder coating. Rusting of any steel or stainless steel components is not covered under warranty.
                5. Cushions carry a 6 month craftsmanship warranty. Fabric and foam warranties are per material manufacturer. We do not warranty residential grade materials in commercial settings (i.e. Standard Sunbrella® fabric and standard grade foam)

                  This warranty covers materials and craftsmanship of KODAMA products as listed above from date of purchase/delivery.  

                  What is not covered:
                  • Damage due to misuse or abuse.  This may include: intentional abuse, repeated impacts, climbing or hanging from the zome structure, excessive weather damage, excessive spinning without a swivel, and exceeding the rated load limit.
                  • Rigging, hanging accessories, swivel mechanisms, and overhead anchor point. (exception: Kodama Zomes Curved Tripod Stand is covered under this warranty).
                  • Minor scratches and normal wear and tear. If installed outdoors, weathering should be expected over time. Minor webbing fading and minor surface rust at the node/tube connection points is normal and not covered under warranty.  Minor surface rust of bottom grating and inside the tubing should be expected. This is normal and after the the surface layer forms, additional rusting ceases. Using a cover during periods of non-use and inclement weather will greatly extend the life of the zome.
                  • Failure caused by a lack of reasonable and necessary care and maintenance. Finish failure from indoor pool or seaside use caused by neglecting to provide reasonable and necessary care. Saltwater is extremely harsh - regular washing down of the metal components will greatly reduce weathering.
                  • Flattening or compression of cushions and pads.
                  • Damage caused by acts of nature.
                  • Shipping damage and damage from improper handling.
                  • KODAMA is not liable for freight/shipping costs of returned or replaced product. In no circumstances is KODAMA responsible for international shipping, taxes, tariffs, or customs fees or duties.
                  How to activate this warranty:

                  You are automatically registered when you purchase directly from KODAMA. If you purchase through one of our distributors, you must register your product to activate this warranty. Contact us at info@kodama.is

                  How to get service:

                  To file a warranty claim, you may e-mail, call, or write us.  E-mail works best, with a specific description of the claim and a photograph.

                  What KODAMA will do:

                  KODAMA will evaluate your claim.  If the damage is due to defects in the materials or craftsmanship, we may either:

                  • Send replacement parts
                  • Receive the zome from you, repair it, and send it back to you
                  • Receive the zome from you, and send a new one back to you
                  • Offer an alternate solution.

                  Kodama reserves the right to make changes in design and improvements upon its products without assuming any obligation to install such changes upon its previously manufactured products. No other warranty may be implied. 

                  Please refer to the Care & Maintenance information for proper guidelines regarding all KODAMA products. Failure to follow these guidelines can void the warranty.

                  These warranties are valid for products purchased after October 2018.