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  • small zome lounger

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    Our Small Zome Frame and simple cushion provides the same sublime comfort and high style as our larger zome in a slightly smaller size.

    It includes the simple, tufted cushion and is ideal for small spaces at your home, both indoors and outdoors. Also great for a cluster of many small zomes.

    Ideal for 1-2 people.

    Available in Fine-Textured Black double powder-coated finish, and made tough for years of enjoyment.

    Your Choice of Stunning Cushion Colors
    Our entry level simple cushion is a great option for a zome at a lower price point.
    This classic tufted small cushion is super comfortable, durable and made for the outdoors. Have fun adding extra throw pillows to suit your unique style.

    We are often asked about the actual size difference. Does the 8" difference diameter between the Small and the Large really make a difference? TLDR: yes, it does.

    When it comes to round things and spherical things, the volume inside gets a lot bigger with just a little increase in diameter. Think of the difference between a medium and a large pizza - small difference in diameter, but big difference in the amount of food. 

    Both the small and large Zomes are equally relaxing, but you will be able to stretch out a bit more, and be able to share the zome with more people in a large.

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