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  • Our Why

    As a professional in the autism or SPD community, you know first hand the importance of movement and motion. Activities that stimulate the vestibular and proprioceptive systems are foundational tools for building the neurologic pathways of smooth motor function. The motion created by the smooth and predictable pendulum motion is especially comforting when people may be getting overstimulated.

    At KODAMA, we have seen time and again the positive effects of the smooth pendulum motion on people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. Especially for people on the spectrum, the motion is undeniable in creating a comforting and soothing atmosphere while passively supporting and strengthening the kinesthetic awareness.

    We believe that providing calm and comfort is of paramount importance, especially for kids and adults on the spectrum or with sensory processing difficulties. Our ASD program provides a lower barrier of entry to our products which greatly assist with these difficulties. Moreover, KODAMA provides safe, commercial grade products that are suitable for indoors and out, for home and for commercial spaces, that will last for years to come.

    Our company mission is to help reduce suffering in the world, and we know that our products are ideal to help many people, especially people within this community. We aim to bring our high quality pieces to those who need it most, while also providing a way to continually fundraise for your organization.

    KODAMA ASD program Benefits

    Deep discounts for your Organization

    Always 55% off for your organization.
    Always free shipping.
    Always sales-tax exempt.

    Share the comfort

    Anyone that you refer will receive a 30% discount and free shipping. KODAMA for your students and community at their home.

    Raise funds from our referral Program

    Receive 10% of all sales that come through you. This is passive, just refer your community to us and we'll do the rest.

    Dedicated Assistance

    Your dedicated KODAMA ASD support team will help with any questions along the way. You can also access the KODAMA ASD community and share with the group.

    Join the community and let's grow our reach