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  • Pendolo

  • Rigging Kit 6 - "Flagpole" Stand Design

    Looking for a beautiful and custom hanging option? The "Flagpole" stand provides a beautiful, minimal and modern design that is site-built on your property exclusively for the zome.

    Using Structural Steel Square Tubing, welded connections, and marine grade Stainless Steel hardware, this site-built stand is clean, strong, and elegant. Available in several heights to allow for different pendulum lengths.

    We provide:

    • Fabrication Drawings and Specifications for your contractor to build from.
    • Detailed welding drawings and computer files for clean and precise fabrication.
    • Detailed specifications for concrete footing construction.
    • Marine Grade Stainless Steel hardware and rigging - including all bolts, rope, thimbles, and quick links.
    • Free consultation with your contractor to answer any questions during the bidding and construction process.